Team Créatif

Quem Somos

Think. Make. Win Design.

Design. The tool that takes our work to the next level by bringing magic and enchantment to it. We turn product features, unique attributes and benefits into material reality. We position and build great brands in a profound, consistent and sustainable way. We work in the real world and go where shoppers are because we are shoppers and we behave like them. We create a connection through products with one goal in mind: winning. We create memorable experiences. We are craftspeople and design lovers. Win Design.

No Boundaries.

We are an independent, international agency and we’re very proud of that. We use design as the core for all our activities and try to stimulate constant interaction between our offices. Since 1986, Team Créatif has developed projects all over the world under the trusted guidance and magic eyes of Sylvia Vitale Rotta, CEO and founder of Team Créatif.


“Stay independent, never sell”
Sylvia Vitale Rotta

Our Mood.

Passion, dedication and our team. We are craftspeople and work with great care, ever attentive to the slightest details and nuances of each project, for each client. We remain independent because we believe this keeps the agency’s standards high and preserves our essence, in contrast with the “great design industry” and closer to reality. We make a point of being immersed in real life, with real consumers.



It’s good to be a Team

We’re a holding of various agencies that work together from ideation to shop floor. At Live Team brands come to life and meet the consumer for memorable experiences. But these experiences are worthless unless the brand has a solid essence at its base. For that, we have Team Créatif to develop the strategy, identity, packaging and consistency that every brand needs. Meet LIVE TEAM, WIN LIVE.





Our logo

One afternoon, one of TEAM Créatif’s founders, Nick Craig, was with renowned artist Jean-Michel Folon. Nick asked Folon to draw a plane for him. Folon drew a plane with 4 extremities, that stood for family, friends, passion and enthusiasm. Nick liked it so much he redrew the logo, redesigning Team Créatif’s logo. The tradition lives on within the agency and we’re always doodling, blending our logo with our client’s brands.